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“We see the world not as it is but as we are” – Albert Einstein


Our Approach to Coaching is built on the premise that:

  • Our observation of the world shapes our perception of reality and our behaviours.
  • The observation of the interplay of the 3 domains that make us who we are – our language, emotions and body will generate new meaning and opportunities for sustainable, self – generated behavioural change.


What We Offer:

  1. Executive Coaching – Coaching for Peak Performance and Leadership Agility
  2. Executive Sales Coaching – Develop internal & external Customer- centric Consulting approaches for Functional & overall Business Impact
  3. Team Coaching – Sustain the change & Move from I to US to WE to create collective habits of success


How We Structure Our Input

For Individual- Executive Coaching (incl Sales)

  • We offer packages of minimum 6, to a recommended and ideal number of 12 sessions
  • Each Session is will cover a duration of minimum 60 to maximum 90 minutes
  • Delivered over a period of minimum 4 to maximum 9 months


  • 1 x Chemistry meeting with the Coachee – Client
  • 2 x Alignment meeting with the Sponsor- Client
  • Individual Executive Coaching Logbook to record Coaching Journey and Experience

For Team Coaching:

  • Packages of 2 to 6 small team coaching sessions over 3 to 4 months
  • Each Session will cover a duration of minimum 2 hours to maximum half day


Our Coaches:

  • Each of our coaches has a triple hat: coach, consultant and facilitator
  • Strong corporate experience with a deep knowledge of challenges in corporate organisations & HR challenges based on 20 years of corporate experiences in various roles in Learning and Development, Sales & Marketing.


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Clemence Blondel

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  • Deep understanding of Western & Eastern cultures after more than a decade in Asia
  • Newfield Asia trained (International Coaching Federation accredited)
  • Specialist in Executive and Team based Coaching
  • Career Consultant


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Sudhir Nair

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  • Experienced Coach – Consultant with over 25 years experience in multiple roles across varied industries
  • Subject Matter Expert in Career and One to One and Team based Sales Coaching
  • Learning and Development Specialist
  • Master Coach and Trainer in AgilityShip™ Methodology


Contact our Coaching – Consultants (Clemence or Nair) at 6738 9917 to explore your options